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Amazing return on investment with the Ballancer® Massage System

Allow us to introduce the Ballancer® Massage System to you – the world’s leading ‘pressotherapy’.  The Ballancer® is a versatile, relaxing and invigorating compression therapy system that has been adapted from the proven principles of manual lymphatic drainage… to superb effect.

This product offers amazing return on investment; either as a stand-alone treatment; as an adjunct to fat reduction treatments or, for those clients who are time poor and cash rich, as part of a multi-treatment when they can enjoy an anti-aging, cellulite busting massage at the same time as their facial.

The top 10 reasons your client’s will love this product:

  • SKIN: Ballancer® massages allow the open flow of freshly oxygenated blood to the skin. The skin will look better and feel better, regaining its firmness and tone.
  • CELLULITE: with regular treatment cellulite can be prevented and even eliminated.
  • OXYGENATION: blood circulation is improved, toxins are eliminated and nutrient-enriched blood reaches skin cells.
  • DIGESTION: The Ballancer® will compress and massage the abdomen, relaxing abdominal muscles and giving healthy stimulation towards digestive harmony.
  • CIRCULATION: the massage techniques act as an ‘external heart’, enhancing blood circulation by gently applying one-directional undulating pressure on peripheral veins.
  • EXERCISE: the quality of massage delivered aids speedy recovery from muscle soreness following sporting activity.
  • MUSCLES: The Ballancer® Pro massages muscles and drains them of excessive liquids.
  • LYMPHATIC SYSTEM: lymphatic flow is enhanced, resulting in the removal of toxins.
  • DETOX: stimulation from The Ballancer® massage benefits the immune system and encourages the removal of toxic build up throughout the lymph system.
  • ENJOYMENT: a really relaxing, pleasurable and beneficial experience that leaves you feeling energised, light and so much better.

New Ballancer 606 model released

As well as the Ballancer Pro Model, the latest Ballancer 606  has just been launched to the UK market, so why not join Urban Retreat, Pure Age Management, Jill Zander, Fere & Co and EF Medispa, (to name but a few) in offering this exceptional treatment in your business?

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