What is Ballancer® Massage?

The Ballancer® is a relaxing and invigorating compression therapy massage system

The Ballancer® Massage is excellent in the battle against cellulite and body aging and superb in sport recovery.

With its’ origins in the medical field, the Ballancer® is designed to give efficient results encouraging a healthy lymphatic flow and venous return. It gives effective results treating cellulite as well as slimming, firming, toning and smoothing the skin, giving volume reduction on the legs, abdomen and buttocks.

From a detox perspective, the Ballancer® massage benefits the immune system and encourages the removal of toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system.

Just one massage with the Ballancer® will leave you with a feeling of total body relaxation, whilst a course of treatments could lead to stunning results.

For Cellulite, Leg Health, Detox, Sport Recovery


Effective treatments for cellulite reduction have been few and far between. Finally, there’s a cellulite treatment that actually works to improve the appearance of unsightly and embarrassing cellulite.   On the basis that cellulite doesn’t appear overnight; it will take for most people, 8-15 Ballancer® treatments before significant results are apparent.

Leg Health

Our circulation improves with physical activity, prolonged sitting, standing and inactivity can lead to swelling, heavy, fatigued legs and water retention.  Regular use of the Ballancer® will ensure a healthy lymphatic flow and venous return.


When you stimulate the lymphatic system you are supporting the body’s other systems including the Immune System, Digestive System and Nervous System. A sluggish lymphatic flow can cause swelling, excess cellulite, joint pain, nausea and fatigue.  From a detox perspective,  Ballancer® massage benefits the immune system and encourages the removal of toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system.

Sport Recovery

The Ballancer® is a medical grade pneumatic compression therapy system that is clinically proven to speed muscle recovery. You can use it every day, simply zip yourself into the full trousers and the 24 cells fill with air giving sequential compression along the limbs from foot to abdomen.

The Importance of Recovery:
Professional athletes undergo rigorous training on an almost daily basis. Recovery from this process is essential in giving you the edge over your competitors. Use of the Ballancer® Compression Therapy system will increase circulation between training sessions, breakdown the lactic acid in the muscles; decrease inflammation and encourage delivery of nutrient enriched, oxygenated blood through improved venous return.

How Does Ballancer® Work?
The Ballancer® IPC Masssage system speeds the body’s natural ability to flush metabolic waste from the muscle through targeted compression levels. It has a medically proven sequential compression that ‘milks’ the lymphatics, increases circulation and the removal of toxins – allowing for faster recovery between rigorous training programmes.

The 24 cells in the full trousers delivers the largest area of compression in the shortest time – it has been likened to a 24 hand massage, delivering constant and equal pressure as the sequential compression moves along the limbs.

Ballancer® is used while at rest to achieve aggressive muscle recovery. Use for just one or two hours can produce results that would take up to 48 hours to achieve with Passive Recovery alone.